Is this campaign the right way to persuade TA recruits to take the Queen’s shilling?

Any ad for an army is bound to head into a communications war zone if the army in question is involved in a shooting conflict. Which the British army in Afghanistan is, of course.

This is a new ad for the Territorial Army, the part-time soldiers who do spells of real duty as well as attend jolly weekends, from JWT London.

And, quite bravely, it’s chosen a ‘live’ approach with a TA type in Afghanistan showing us round a helicopter hangar. But isn’t it all rather ‘boy’s toys?’ A bit Prince Harry?

The point about these Apaches is not that they cost £45m each but that they’re there to spray all sorts of ordnance (which he mentions) at members of the Taliban (or people we hope are members of the Taliban) in a conflict that the UK and its allies (chiefly the US) have given up on winning despite the loss of thousands of lives.

So does its ‘reality’ approach actually reflect reality or are Brigadier Cholmondeley-Wetherspoon and his chums pulling a fast one?

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