David Beckham strips off for H&M – and his wallet

He’s a good sport that David Beckham isn’t he? No sooner has he signed for Paris St-Germain (giving his not inconsiderable wages to a children’s charity, which some curmudgeons have described as a tax dodge) than he gets ’em mostly off for H&M in this film to promote David Beckham Bodywear.

It’s directed by Lock Stock and Sherlock Holmes director Guy Ritchie and is an homage of sorts to the old Burt Lancaster film the Swimmer from 1968 in which Burt decides to swim his way home via the pools in an affluent Connecticut suburb. In this version Dave is on home territory in Hollywood (it’s a bit parky in Connecticut at the moment anyway).

We really should be suffering from Beckham burn-out by now, the so-and-so is everywhere. Beckham is 37 and at some point he’ll presumably have to start covering up (all thoise tattoos will look a bit daft when he’s 50). But not for a while, one suspects.

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