WPP launches OOH trading exchange SN:Xchange

We’re all pretty familiar with online ad trading exchanges (we know they’re out there anyway) and now WPP’s Kinetic, which claims to be the world’s biggest out of home media buyer, is launching ‘SN:Xchange’ (where do they get these bloody awful names from?) to do the same for digital posters, screens and the like.

The new exchange has been developed by Spafax, another out of home (mainly) company housed (as is Kinetic) within WPP’s Tenth Avenue construct, a sort of GroupM for everything GroupM (which negotiates TV and Press) doesn’t do. Still with us?

SN:Xchange has already run one campaign for insurance giant Zurich and is now being offered to Kinetic’s (and presumably Tenth Avenue’s) other clients.

Kinetic US president David Krupp says: “For the first time, we can see how a campaign is pacing in real-time – hourly, daily, weekly – and can make the necessary changes to ensure that our clients’ campaign requirements are achieved.”

So SN:Xchange is actually two things; a trading exchanger (there’s not much evidence so far that out of home advertisers actually want this) and a verification mechanism for digital, which they probably do. Out of home in all its manifestations is notorious for campaigns that don’t actually appear (but which are probably paid for).

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