W+K London debuts new character Borg for Tesco

Finding a character to front for any big advertiser is a hazardous business – get it right as Lowe Howard-Spink did for Tesco first with Dudley Moore and then with Prunella Scales as ‘Dotty’ and you profit mightily. On the other hand..

More recently Jamie Oliver played the same sort of role for Sainsbury’s and AMV/BBDO until he became so ubiquitous that you just got fed up seeing him everywhere. The same wear-out factor (and the march of time) did for Gary Lineker and Walkers, from the same agency. AMV’s new BT repertory company has added Miss Moneypenny actress Samantha Bond, although she seems just as annoying as her nerdy son.

Tesco and agency Wieden+Kennedy London seem to be tip-toeing down that route with this new ad for Tesco.com which features the same comely lady shopper who appeared in one ad last year (I think) and Borg, a Thor-type hunk who she imagines doing her shopping for her. Online shopping and sexual/romantic fantasies huh?

Do the lady and Borg have legs (she probably has rather nice ones, you know what these actresses are like)?

W+K is obviously trying hard not to try too hard, if you see what I mean. But at some point it will have to pull the stops out.

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  1. Obviously, W+K London got on the blower to Portland and had them send over the “now retired” Velveeta blacksmith who is no longer enticing the housewives of America with his steaming skillets. A retro outfit, a blonde wig, a big gnarly weapon… And the housewives of Britain are hooked. Who needs outsourcing when you can have re-purposing?