Volkswagen and Deutsch LA unveil 2013 Super Bowl contender – it’s a winner mon

Alas it’s not the arrow at old Coke we anticipated, rather an equally audacious ‘Get Happy’ idea featuring a besuited executive talking in Jamaican patois.

And hardly a car in sight.

Volkswagen and Deutsch LA have produced two recent blockbusters for the Super Bowl, ‘Young Darth Vader’ and ‘The Dark Side,’ but this one assumes that Americans now know what VWs are and are happy to buy into the superiority that goes with ‘Das Auto.’

Very good: a classic instance of the agency not dropping the ball but trying something new at the same time. And beautifully directed by Tom Kuntz of MJZ, the Old Spice director.

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  1. I disagree SF. I think it’s a wank.