Take that Alex Bogusky! – Coke comes out fighting in the obesity wars

Well it has if you think sweet reasonableness packs a punch.

Stung by anti-obesity campaigners (like former CPB creative supremo Alex Bogusky) Coca-Cola has launched a TV and online campaign called ‘Coming Together’ trying to show that it’s doing its bit to produce thinner Americans (two thirds of whom are allegedly obese, or about to be, according to medics).

Among the claims are that it’s reduced the calories quotient of most of its products by 22 per cent and the calories on offer in its school vending machines by 90 per cent. That’s still quite a lot of sugar but there you go.

I’m sure Coke would sooner flog us all zero-calorie stuff and water if only it thought it could prosper to the same degree by so doing. Maybe it should try.

On its side of the argument it’s surely the case that the medical profession, and not just in the US, would rather we didn’t do anything that just might be bad for us. A bit more realism all round wouldn’t go amiss.

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