Super Bowl 2013: Mercedes CLA offers a Faustian pact while Go Daddy isn’t rude at all

OK, here’s Merkley & Partner’s Super Bowl effort for the Mercedes CLA. This version anyway is 5×30 seconds, which comes in at about $20m on airtime (maybe they’re getting a volume discount).

And surely the voiceover says you can get one of these fine machines for under three thousand dollars – huh?

Kate Upton appeared in the teaser, dunno if she’s the arm candy in this version. But the star is devilish Willem Dafoe, offering a Faustian pact.

It was directed by Dante Ariola for all-conquering MJZ.

Meanwhile domain name company Go Daddy has entrusted its advertising to Deutsch New York and its Super Bowl offering (unlike previous years) seems to be lacking a certain something.

But what exactly?

Ah, this (from 2010)

All good things must come to an end.

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