Self-driving cars and ‘phablets’ set to be the stars of Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show

It’s the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week – no Apple (as usual) and no Microsoft (which seems to have given up on this technology lark) – and two of the most eagerly-awaited exhibitors are Audi and Toyota with their new self-driving car technology.

But Stanford University got there months ago with this Audi TTS that can zoom around a racetrack without the impediment of a driver.

This really could be a game-changer. Unlike the many new spins on computer-enabled living room televisions and the like which, research seems to show, consumers don’t really want and don’t use to access the internet even when they do buy them.

What else is in store? ‘Phablets’ – phones that double up as tablets or even full computers (bad news for Apple). But someone’s got to persuade the clothing industry to provide bigger pockets.

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