RKCR/Y&R produces a new Italian Job for fourth generation Range Rover launch

Damn it all, it’s British – why do you need to go to Italy to launch the new Range Rover?

Actually it’s Indian, Tata Motors owns Jaguar Land Rover, and they’re making a markedly better job of it than either the Brits or the Americans at Ford did. But it’s still made in the UK. There’s still a particular view of Italy shared by many Brits that goes all the way back to the Michael Caine film The Italian Job, made in 1969.

In this comforting scenario Italians are mafiosi in sharp suits, there to be confounded by the roguish British in their even sharper whistles. And cars – then it was a team of Minis off-roading, now it’s…

All complete tosh of course but nicely done. Even down to the Matt Monro song from the original film.

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