Nike quick to extract a cup full of value from new $125m golf star Rory McIlroy

Golfers often seem to have the charisma of herrings but Nike and Wieden+Kennedy seem to have extracted the max from this new film ‘In the Cup,’ designed to plug Northern Irish golfer Rory McIlroy’s new status in Nike’s trophy cabinet as numero uno golfer.

And they’ve teamed him with former number one Tiger Woods, not someone who’s usually at his best in ads and, supposedly, somewhat unsociable on the links. Especially, one would have thought, when the young shaver is earning more – $125m over five years – than he is.

But the two seem to be the best of pals here (apparently the two are teeing off together in a tournament in Abu Dhabi on Thursday – swooshes all round) and W+K has wisely injected a heavy dose of slapstick in case their trash talk becomes too painful.

In the hole! Or cup – isn’t that what they shout?

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