Mercedes in the US polishes up its pre-Super Bowl act with Kate Upton and a wet windscreen

It’s cars all the way at MAA right now after Jerry Judge and Paul Simons put the cat among the pigeons about car ads. We’re also looking forward to lots of metal-pushing petrol head stuff to come in the Super Bowl.

Mercedes is getting its retaliation in first with this online film featuring our old friend US totty Kate Upton in, you’ve guessed it, a car washing scenario. What is it about Americans and girls in skimpies washing windscreens? Is it the the girl or the car?

Agency Merkley & Partners says this isn’t a teaser for the Super Bowl. Which makes you wonder what the point is – until you see that it’s got five million YouTube hits.

Bring back The Dukes of Hazzard I say.

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  1. Not as deliciously filthy as Paris Hilton washing a car whilst wearing a dental floss G string and giving a blow job to a hamburger. Who says advertising isn’t art?
    Cheers/George “AdScam” Parker