IKEA unveils winning campaigns from Mother London and Sweden’s Akestam Holst

Furniture and homeware giant IKEA seems to be having a good recession although its advertising arrangements seem a touch muddied.

Bits of the account, like its catalogue, have found their way to McCann and its Swedish creative supremo Linus Karlsson, while its other agencies seem to be doing a pretty good job.

This is a new campaign from Mother London (Karlsson was at Mother New York before joining McCann) called ‘Make Room for Your Life,’ showing the benefits of IKEA storage. But it’s a bit more interesting than that, seeming to end on the brink of a celebratory bonk.

Very nice too, proper advertising.

And here’s another new IKEA ad, this time from Swedish agency Akestam Holst.

Which is also out of the top drawer. Akestam Holst says it produces “big ideas without the big price tag,” which should bring a glow to even the flintiest client heart.

Big clients like to have a roster of agencies jumping through hoops these days; in effect handing out projects. BBH group CEO Gwyn Jones said much the same in an interview with us last year.

Well they do say competition is good for you. Must be a bit nerve-wracking though.

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