Forward joins Tenth Avenue’s out of home empire – as the in-home bit of out of home?

One-time customer publishing company Forward, which now dubs itself a content marketing agency, has been rolled into WPP’s Tenth Avenue out of home behemoth.

Tenth Avenue (it now calls itself tenthavenue but we’re sticking up for grammar today) is a rather mystifying entity; at first it looked a holding company within WPP set above out of home giant Kinetic; then it added a few more bits including Joule mobile marketing and branded content outfit Spafax.

Forward clearly falls into the branded content category although it’s hardly out of home. Forward announced it was opening an office in China last year.

Forward CEO Simon Hobbs (left) says: “We are really excited about the potential for this new relationship. Forward’s skills sit really well with tenthavenue’s, and we believe that Joule’s mobile offering and Kinetic’s outdoor specialism, combined and aligned with our content offering, will be very attractive to clients. Combining our strengths with Spafax to offer expertise across retail, luxury, travel and other sectors, in an increasing global network, makes absolute sense.”

Tenth Avenue CEO Rupert Day, a former banker, says: “Forward, with its offices in the UK and China, builds on tenthavenue’s capability to deliver relevant content aligned with specific client objectives across different environments”.

Which doesn’t really advance us very far. But Kinetic, under wily former CEO Eric Newnham (now running rival firm Talon) expanded out of poster buying into all sorts of stuff including experiential marketing. Day is presumably following the same path – wherever that might lead.

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