Dare hits its stride with Stephen Hawking’s black hole for Gio Compario

UK agency Dare got off to a rocky start with its new Comparethemarket.com client, enlisting blandest-of-the-bland sports presenter Sue Barker and a rather worrying big gun to try to nix ‘former’ ad presenter Gio Compario.

Noisy tenor Gio remains the focus of the ads but this time Dare has signed super-scintist Stephen Hawking and his voice box to shut him up, through the creation of a black hole.

Cossette-owned Dare merged with, and absorbed, the well-regarded MCBD a couple of years ago, leading to an exodus of creatives and much sniffiness that it was just a glorified digi agency. But this campaign already looks rather better than Mother’s moneysupermarket.com stuff and tired old Confused.com.

As for Comparethemarket.com’s Meerkats, it still seems to be the people’s choice, even when they’re giving away stuffed meerkats.

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