Campaign magazine gets smaller to survive in print

More signs have emerged about the erosion of Campaign, once the UK’s all-conquering advertising magazine.

The title, launched in an elegant A3-ish format back in 1968 (297mm x 210mm sticks in my mind for some reason) is now to go smaller, a bit bigger than A4 (which is a horrible size) it seems.

Well this is better than canning the print edition entirely, which has been considered annually by owner Haymarket Publishing for the past few years and (thankfully) rejected.

At the same time Campaign’s sister title Marketing (which gets some good stories) is to go monthly; doubtless by popular demand.

As for Campaign the new size may mean changes to its celebrated headline font Franklin Gothic Bold Extra Condensed. This (always a bugger in single column headlines), and other aspects of Campaign’s design, used to be minded obsessively by Swiss designer Roland Schenck, who devised it. Vary from the format and Roland would jet in from Geneva or Zurich to exact his vengeance.

Well that was then.

At least now you’ve got Moreaboutadvertising to read as well.

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