Burnett takes positive route for Co-op Funeralcare

We’ve remarked recently on the spate of CTG (cradle-to-grave) ads occupying British screens and here’s the real thing for Co-operative Funeralcare from new Co-op agency Leo Burnett.

The Co-op is the biggest purveyor of funeral services in the UK and this film makes the point nicely, in the understated way we’ve come to expect from Burnett under creative director Justin Tindall. “We’re here for you when you need us most,” is the line and it’s a nice touch (and good selling proposition) to show the way the Co-op tailors this particular journey to allow people to revisit the scene of happier times (with a real Co-op funeral director apparently).

The copywriter was Graham Lakeland and the art director Richard Robinson. It was directed by Peter Cattaneo for Academy.

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