Are VW and Deutsch planning to take aim at famous old Coke ad in 2013 Super Bowl extravaganza?

Volkswagen and agency Deutsch have a lot to live up to each time the Super Bowl comes around (February 3, if you’ve been living in a cave) following the success of ‘Young Darth Vader’ two years ago and ‘The Bark Side’ last year.

So, as they do these days, it’s launched a teaser ad for this year’s effort, which has already garnered over 100,000 hits on YouTube.

It features reggae legend Jimmy Cliff in what looks like a yellow tent and a cast of rather fat people and some odd animals. Jimmy exhorts us to ‘get happy,’ as you do (well lots of companies do these days, most notably Coca-Cola).

Indeed the finished article may well be a spoof of a rather famous old Coke commercial. Here’s Jimmy.

And Coke from 1971.

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