Another quirky Guinness film from AMV/BBDO, Facebook and why does Google News hate us?

After a long and challenging week (with not that much going on) it’s nice to get a new ad from Guinness and agency AMV/BBDO.

Guinness advertising has left me bemused for years; I now see that the famous Jonathan Glazer ‘Surfers’ ad is about time, pouring a Guinness takes a bit longer than a Heineken. But it’s a kind of roundabout way of getting there.

This new one is about time too, to a degree, but its theme is ‘Made of More.’ It’s from the old Lowe Howard-Spink school of Stella Artois depicting European lower orders struggling with life only to find salvation in a pint.

And very nice it is too. I rather admire Guinness and AMV for eschewing ‘Oirishness.’ It’s still a bit ‘angels on a pinhead’ to me but a classy piece of work all the same.

The copywriter was Alex Grieve, the art director Adrian Rossi and it was directed by Peter Thwaites for Gorgeous. And the lads will no doubt get a respectful hearing from awards juries the world over this year.


When Facebook or Google does something it’s difficult sometimes to see what you can add to the serried ranks of the techie press etc. It was certainly that way this week with Facebook’s new Graph Search. Obviously it had to be important – but how?

So I recommend our piece on Graph Search today by Ben Straley, social marketing wizard at Rio SEO and Covario. Ben explains this new Facebook wheeze, and its implications for advertisers and agencies, in a way that even I can understand.


Gabriel Morais sends me this contender ‘Coke Worldwide Machine,’ for upcoming awards from himself and some of his old pals at the Miami Ad School in Madrid. It’s a would-be contribution to Coke’s ‘Open Happiness’ campaign. It’s already won a Cannes Young Guns gong. Erika Reyes and Sandra Silva were the art directors and their instructor (lucky man) was Ricardo Wolff from AlmapBBDO.

There you are Gabriel, a nice big pic.


And it’s shame to leave this on a grump but what is it about Google News? I re-submitted More About Advertising to Google News recently only to be told (and there’s no conversation, you can’t talk back) that their fucking algorithms had rejected it. I was then directed to their ‘advice’ page which said that they wanted news (yes, we do), original content (yes, we do) and accountability (you can all contact me any time you like – [email protected]).

Our stories get picked up all over the place and appear on Google bloody News under someone else’s name.

I’m quite sure there are people at Google who read this site.

Are they human enough to contact me? This could be war Google!

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