WPP unveils first Lincoln ad from newly-minted bespoke agency Hudson Rouge

WPP, proud co-owner of Team Detroit with Ford (and Blue Hive outside the US for other bits of Ford) has set up a new agency called Hudson Rouge (well it’s based in New York) for Lincoln, Ford’s struggling luxury brand.

And here it is:

Hmm. It’s a bit Chrysler-lite isn’t it, even down to the voiceover? The strategy’s clear enough: new techno monster car for the cost-conscious generation, with a muted appeal to American patriotism.

Who needs a Merc when you can have a Lincoln?

The trouble is, when you’ve enough money to buy one of these you can afford a bit more to buy a Mercedes or a BMW or, in America, a Lexus. Or maybe even a General Motors Cadillac (although we haven’t seen much of that since departed GM CMO Joel Ewanick abruptly moved the account from BBH New York to Publicis – maybe it’s slid into Commonwealth without anyone noticing).

Lincoln is going to appear in the Super Bowl apparently; which will test Hudson Rouge’s newly-minted mettle.

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