W+K New York offers its spin on British football supporters (or should that be hooligans?) for ESPN

This is interesting for all sorts of reasons (most of which we’ve tried to cram into the headline).

So have the Big Apple-ites captured the (often rancid) flavour of British football support?

Maybe they have. And they weren’t to know that the Manchester derby match at the weekend would turn into a thoroughly rancid affair with Man U’s Rio Ferdinand winding up the City supporters and getting a coin in his eye for his pains – and an angry City supporter on the pitch.

So, to the lingo: A ‘minger’ may be an unattractive or malodorous person but ‘git’ defining someone who’s absent-minded is a new one on me.

And the overall impression? It depicts football as something best avoided in person. But maybe that’s a clever sell for watching it on the telly (although the game was actually on Sky not ESPN).

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