Virgin Atlantic puts on its best scarlet-hued challenger brand kit in new TV spectacular

Maybe Richard Branson’s new Virgin Atlantic partner Delta Airlines has brought some advertising money as part of its £224m dowry to buy Singapore Airlines’ 49 per cent stake in the bearded one’s airline business.

Because we haven’t seen anything quite as ambitious as this, ‘Fly in the Face of Ordinary,’ from Virgin and agency RKCR/Y&R for quite a while. Can you be a ‘challenger brand’ for ever?

It morphs from a kind of ‘Boys from Brazil’ scenario to doing something for the world to looking after a geeky bloke (premium passenger) to end on, you’ve guessed it, good ol’ scarlet-hued Virgin cabin totty.

All complete tosh of course. But whenever we contemplate a come-uppance for Branson we have to remember that the alternative is BA’s Willie Walsh.

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