Turkish Airlines scores YouTube wonder hit with retro ad featuring Leo Messi and Kobe Bryant

The ad world has turned on its head really, not because of digital but because big, new, rich countries are coming into the market and producing hugely successful ads which would have been rejected in New York and London back in the 1960s.

But sports stars weren’t so big then, of course.

This one for Turkish Airlines, from local agency Alametifarika, features Leo Messi (football) and Kobe Bryant (basketball) fooling around on a Turkish Airlines plane. With sweet, smiling (female) cabin staff etc.

And it’s had nearly 59m YouTube hits!

Why don’t BA and BBH just get David Beckham and Bradley Wiggins to play ping pong (or whiff-whaff as Boris Johnson insists on calling it) on Penelope Cruz’s chest? BA is involved in Spain with IAG these days, God help the Spanish.

Sod the Gold Lions, YouTube would be bursting at the seams.

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