Sir Martin Sorrell reveals what he’s like – a bit

In an illuminating interview with Matthew Gwyther, editor of Management Today.

Sorrell has just been voted their business leader of the year, or something, so he fronts up and reveals some of what bugs him personally – his relationship with his father, his (very expensive) divorce and his feeling that he is the proprietor of WPP, even though he only owns two per cent of the shares (a mere £140m worth).

Anyway it’s interesting stuff. MT has always stuck to the Haymarket tradition of having good photos and this is no exception.

Isn’t it odd that these days no company seems willing to pay for good pictures of their execs, even though these things are used all over the world?

I get pictures of some captain of (advertising) industry and it’s taken on an iPhone.

Matthew, who’s a very skilled editor, doesn’t ask Sorrell why he perseveres with research, among other questions.

And it still looks to me as though there’s a big row brewing the next time Martin’s WPP ‘compensation’ comes up for debate.

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