New LA agency Arcana Academy debuts with two cheeky ads for Sealy Beds

Shane Hutton (ex-Modernista) and Lee Walters (ex-Arnold Worldwide) have launched a new agency in Los Angeles called Arcana Academy.

Walters says:“We started Arcana Academy because a window of opportunity had opened – the kind of window that, if it were ever to close, you would spend the rest of your life saying, ‘what would have happened had I jumped through?’ So we did.”

Hutton says:“We have no illusions about taking over the world, we want to stay small, offer our clients highly personalized service and continue to give them more, for less, faster. If that sounds suspiciously like a promise of turning lead into gold, well, it is.”

Go on Shane, they all say that.

Anyway, the boys have landed the market-leading Sealy Beds account and have produced two cheeky commercials to remind us that beds aren’t just for sleeping.

Tester from Arcana Academy on Vimeo.

Good Neighbors :30 from Arcana Academy on Vimeo.

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