Hats on to Christmas ‘reality’ from W+K for Tesco

UK Advertisers and adland seem to have (mostly) held their hands up this year and admitted that Christmas is a bit of an ordeal.

But best to get on with it, see it through and, of course, buy their products.

So Wieden+Kennedy London has produced yet another ad for Tesco (are they going for the record?) with a spin on the gruesome business of wearing paper hats at Christmas lunch. And the focus of attention is a green one, just like the ones W+K has persuaded Tesco to drape over its stores.

This campaign isn’t going to win any (or many) awards but it’s probably what Tesco, which was in severe danger of turning into a customer-unfriendly and hence unloved leviathan, needed.

A real Christmas cracker would be good too though.

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