Fiat’s scorpion invades the US car market

Our favourite little black scorpion is back (someone’s got to like them), last seen invading the USA courtesy of Fiat (see the last few frames).

And now the critter is back, rather more prominently, in another ad from The Richards Group, this time emphasising the sexy qualities of the souped-up Fiat 500 Arbarth Cabriolet. Those Italian girls clearly have nerves of steel.

This is a pretty brave brand icon (or whatever you call them), one that some people of Italian extraction in the US might take exception to.

But, after a disastrous start with some Jennifer Lopez nonsense, Fiat seems to have got its US marketing into gear.

Here’s another one, sending up Italians, for the new 500e electric car.

Have electric cars failed to take off because they’re not sexy enough? It’s a very Italian solution to the problem.

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