W+K takes the rapid fire route for Tesco Xmas

The new Wieden+Kennedy London campaign for Tesco is a bit like London buses used to be: you wait ages for one (the first ad) to come along and then three (or a dozen) turn up at once.

So here are some more petites vignettes for the UK’s biggest grocer (and much besides), fairly accurately reflecting the reality of Christmas: paper hats, over-sized birds and elderly parties snoring away in armchairs. With apparently unlimited access to the W+K jukebox of cheesy tunes.

Will we get the epic we expect (five weeks in production and all that)? Maybe not, five weeks seems quite modest to knock out about 100 short commercials.

Sainsbury’s has also taken the barrage of short films route. Have the John Lewis epics from Adam&Eve/DDB scared off the others?

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