Wieden+Kennedy goes back to the award-winning future with new ‘Grrr’ team ad for Fuze Tea

Is this another Honda ‘Grrr?’

Wieden+Kennedy London has produced some brilliant ads in the years since the celebrated Hall of Fame favourite Grrr for Honda announced a major new force in agency land but, arguably, nothing quite to match this new mini-masterspiece, ‘When This Meets That,’ for new Coca-Cola ice tea Fuze.

And, no surprise here, it’s directed by the Grrr animation team of Smith and Foulkes.

W+K creative director Scott Dungate (never knowingly understated) says: “The campaign is based on the insight that everything great in the universe is the result of ‘when this meets that’. Simple. From when Big met Bang, to when Tea met Fruit, everything great is always a combination of things. Fuze Tea is just another example of this”.

There’s a lot riding on it too, Fuze Tea is claimed to be Coke’s first global launch (currently in 27 countries). The full ‘integrated campaign’ breaks next year apparently – but this will do to be going on with.

The creatives were David Goss, Ollie Wolf, Toby Moore and Selena McKenzie and it was directed by Smith and Foulkes at Nexus Productions with the song performed by Michael Russoff.

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  1. Glad you like it! There’s another common factor with Honda Grrr: Michael Russoff, who wrote and performed the ‘when this meets that’ song for Fuze, co-wrote the ‘Hate Something, change something’ song for Grrr.