Who says creatives can’t run big agencies? Grey New York’s Tor Myhren reveals some of his secrets

The reinvention of Grey as a creative advertising agency, as opposed to an account handling operation that occasionally produced something approximating to ads, has been nigh-on miraculous and one of the WPP-owned network’s biggest stars is Tor Myhren (pictured), president and CCO of Grey New York.

Myhren was honoured as one of the brightest minds in advertising by the American Advertising Federation earlier this week and here he is.

And here’s the E*Trade ‘Talking Baby’ campaign instanced above.

The question for Myhren and Grey (which was recently voted one of Fast Company’s most innnovative companies – incredible) is can they keep up the good work?

Myhren, who bears an alarming resemblance to the late Steve Jobs (not wholly unintentionally) will be in demand as a whole generation of rather older adland leaders near the end of the road.

WPP, whose own leader Sir Martin Sorrell is flirting with the aforementioned road as he continues to battle his shareholders over pay, had better look after one of its prime assets.

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