What exactly is going on with Oreo, The Martin Agency, Wieden+Kennedy and Interpublic?

Oreo, now owned by Mondelez, has added Interpublic’s The Martin Agency to its roster to handle US creative business.

Which is a bit of a surprise as we all thought it was headed to Wieden+Kennedy Portland following that agency’s appointment to handle next year’s Super Bowl campaign. It can’t be a case of Super Bowl and out for W+K, surely?

In its former guise of Kraft (now separated with food as opposed to snacks businesses) the company hired a number of creative agencies to work across its brands as opposed to one big agency on the lot, so maybe this is just a continuation of the same policy.

The loser, again, is giant (although reducing) IPG agency DraftFCB which now has W+K and sibling Martin to contend with. DraftFCB account director John Campbell is reported to be leading the Oreo effort worldwide although his agency doesn’t seem to be supplying much of it: all very odd.

Martin was acquired by IPG when it bought US hotshop Scali McCabe Sloves and it’s retained a strong creative reputation. Might Interpublic boss Michael Roth be contemplating rolling it into DraftFCB to try to pep up the Chicago behemoth? He’s currently searching for a new CEO there to replace Laurence Boshcetto, maybe a more radical solution to the agency’s woes is on the cards.

Oreo is certainly an important account for IPG. On its own it’s bigger than many food companies, with four per cent of the world’s sweet biscuits market. But shoehorning Martin into an agency that already looks like a horse designed by a committee would smack of desperation.

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