UK TV ad body Clearcast bans SodaStream ad knocking bottled fizzies – to protect who from what?

Clearcast is the (privatised) body that clears (or not) TV ads for transmission in the UK.

Usually it lets any old rubbish through.

But it’s it’s banned this Alex Bogusky-inspired ad from UK transmission despite it running all over the world.

It’s making a perfectly valid point, which you may or may not agree with. Have the fizzy drinks makers got at Clearcast?

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One comment

  1. Stephen…
    I wonder if Alex knows that SodaStream has been made subject to a boycott by “CodePink” the Woman for Peace organization. Apparently, although all the packaging claims the appliances are made in Israel, they are actually made in an illegal West Bank settlement. Anyway, the basis for their “Green” claims is that the machine saves buying all those plastic bottles, ‘cos it makes fizzy water from tap water. But you still have to flavor it with all those fucking chemicals. C’mon Alex, how much is going into the Shed’s piggy bank?