Tesco goes for extra cheese as Wieden+Kennedy Christmas campaign rolls out

What to make of this dear readers? Wieden+Kennedy has unveiled its second ad for Tesco and it features a (nicely cast) middle class female (how do we know? We know) purchasing a gruesomely cheesy Christmas gift, a Furby it seems, via her Clubcard. This appears to be some sort of spiritual awakening on the part of the poor woman.

For extra cheese we have Lionel Ritchie’s cheesy Hello, which you wouldn’t expect to find on the W+K jukebox.

Tesco boss Matt Atkinson says: “We want Tesco to play a small but important part in everyone’s Christmas plans by helping with those elements which make it Christmas. So we’ve been working hard across the business to capture them, to put this insight at the heart of our Christmas plans, and build our advertising campaign around them.” Eh?

Let’s try to deconstruct. Tesco has realised it’s not liked and wants to show it’s on the side of shoppers without donning too much sackcloth and ashes (so Every Little Helps remains). It’s also realised that putting all its eggs in the price-cut basket is futile, as Asda, which answers to Wal-Mart not disgruntled UK shareholders, is always likely to beat it.

This is tinkering around the edges advertising but that seems to be what Tesco wants. Maybe we’ll see something more dramatic next year when Christmas is out of the way (please be out of the way).


You might as well have Asda’s effort from Saatchi & Saatchi too. ‘Behind every great Christmas there’s mum. And behind mum there’s Asda.’

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