Stay tuned for a big budget Christmas cracker from Wieden+Kennedy for Tesco

My spies tell me that the snippets of ads we’ve had so far from Wieden+Kennedy London for Tesco are the tip of the iceberg; a big proper ad is on its way.

Five weeks in production apparently.

So far we’ve had a little price-cut ad and a Clubcard one, which might give a clue about what the Shoreditch gang are up to.

Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons have all shown their hand for Christmas; so has Waitrose by copping out of the game (the more I think about this the dafter it looks).

The poor old UK consumer looks set fair for another year of grump and grind as inflation rises back to three per cent, in part induced by the coalition government’s completely barmy decision to increase university tuition fees to £9,000 a year – one which will result in them collecting less from such fees, as graduates default or piss off abroad. Madness or what?

Anyway back to Tesco. The UK’s biggest grocer can’t afford to retire to the sidelines as its rivals, in particular ‘people’s friend’ Justin King of Sainsbury’s (who was decidedly shifty on the radio today about paying his troops a ‘living wage’) bite chunks out of its business.

W+K was hired by Tesco to produce business-transforming firecrackers.

Surely there’ll be one for Christmas? After that forget it, nobody will have any money left.

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  1. There’s more out of the Tesco Christmas campaign there now than the Clubcard ad. See here for some examples:

    And there’s more to come shortly. But as to whether your spies have the right story about what we’re working on… you’ll have to wait and see what Santa brings.