Selena Gomez paints the town green for Adidas Neo – but for which ad agency?

Talking of Adidas (which we were) it’s just produced this lively film ‘Selena Goes Neo’ for youth brand Neo featuring newly-signed and undeniably youthful chanteuse Selena Gomez (left).

The film is directed by D.A.R.Y.L (how annoying is that?) for Pulse Films and features Selena and chums painting downtown LA Neo green. You’d get arrested for that in real life of course, whether you were Justin Bieber’s girlfriend or not.

No idea who the agency is. TBWA is supposed to have won Adidas’s World Cup campaign (which should move it to the top of the pecking order) but its Christmas ad is by former agency Sid Lee while 180LA has also been working for the company. Has something gone amiss?

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