New outdoor company 7 Heaven targets uber-rich private jet passengers

Former CBS Outdoor executive Danielle Klein is launching a new outdoor company 7 Heaven targeting the world’s fat cats who travel by private jet.

She reckons there a four million private jet journeys in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and 7 Heaven’s first product is a network of 250 screens in 165 private jet terminals. Each passenger spends around £400,000 a year on luxury items according to 7 Heaven.

The company will be based in London with offices in Geneva, Paris and Shanghai and will offer upscale advertisers bespoke ads for events like The Davos economics chat-fest and the Monaco Grand Prix as well as run-of-the-mill ad campaigns (if such things exist in such a rarified environment). 7 Heaven reckons 77 per cent of these passengers (lots of sevens here) will see ad campaigns for an average of 12 minutes each.

Actually it sounds like quite a good idea. Must take a look the next time I take to the skies.

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