Kitcatt Nohr sinks its teeth into Weight Watchers

London digital agency Kitcatt Nohr Digitas (Digitas bough Kitcatt Nohr 18 months ago) has won Weight Watchers’ £500,000 customer relationship management account (CRM).

I’m never quite sure what CRM is but it’s something to do with keeping existing customers happy and recruiting new ones – which, logically, should mean running the entire company but never mind.

KND says its new programme will involve looking at “life stages of existing Weight Watchers clients” as well as new audiences. So I guess the above assumption is more or less correct.

Weight Watchers describes itself as “the world’s leading provider of weight management services,” which is a bit like calling plumbing “plumbing solutions” but there you go. But the company, for such it is although it cunningly sounds like something else, has been around since 1963 so presumably it works.

Its ministrations are based on a number of baffling formulae (you can see them here) which to my untutored brain look more like nuclear physics nostrums than weight watching.

So plenty for KND to get their teeth into (just don’t enjoy it too much).

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