John Lewis defies the sceptics with another Christmas winner from Adam&Eve/DDB

Drat! Not that we’ve anything against John Lewis or agency Adam&Eve/DDB but this year’s eagerly-awaited ad from the retailer with a heart on its sleeve, and just about everywhere else, held out the enticing prospect of a bummer, schadenfruede I suppose.

Or a fearful attempt NTDTB (not to drop the ball, for new readers), which many agencies settle for with big important clients.

But A&E’s new effort, The Journey, is rather better than that although quite how many viewers will get the story about two lovelorn snowpersons is debatable. And the cottage is a bit kitsch. Pathetic carping, I know.

The creatives were A&E top honchos Ben Priest, Ben Tollett and Emer Stamp (well John Lewis has certainly stuffed their Christmas stockings) and the film was directed by Dougal Wilson for Blink.

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