Futatsu’s OBOS housing campaign in Norway riles Italians with ‘mammones’ joke

Aris Theophilakis, creative director of Futatsu Industries in Oslo (they sound a pretty cosmopolitan lot over there) has sent me this rather wonderful film for OBOS, Norway’s biggest building society.

OBOS majors on building and selling affordable homes (we could do with one of those in the UK) and chose to make its case by highlighting the Italian phenomenon of ‘mammones,’ men who prefer to live with their parents.

This has caused a great stir apparently, with Italian ex-pats in norway starting their own Facebook campaign against the ads – Boicottiamo OBOS – and lots of coverage on Norway TV.

Aris says next year’s campaign will lay off the Italians. A wise move mate, you never know what might happen.

The copywriter was Nina Cecile Loftum and the art director Lina Nordland. It was directed by Kaspar Wedendahl for Bacon Copenhagen.

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