Fallon London makes film debut for the vegans at PETA with big swinging male fruit

Carrots, bananas even an over-sized aubergine stuck on Michelangelo’s hitherto under-endowed David – they’re all in there in this lively and no doubt controversial online film ‘Man Meat’ for vegan group PETA from Fallon London.

PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals – ie don’t eat them) is plugging the forthcoming World Vegan Day by claiming that a veggie diet “increases sexual stamina” and helps males “stay firm and fresh.”

The creative team were Manu Diaz and Gonza Delgado and the film was directed by Sam Peacock for Stink.

Pity it’s not intended as an ad too; it would be fun to see not who’d ban it but who’d be brave enough to run it.

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