Does Kevin bring home the Bacon for EE’s new 4G?

I know I’m getting old (older) but it’s a bit depressing when every bloody ad in Channel 4’s showcase Homeland is for mobile or games or both.

Actually the show’s quite depressing too – are they stretching a one-trick plot way beyond its potential? Now we’ve got a sub-drama with Brody’s much put-upon daughter running somebody over.

Anyway the big ad, which first appeared on X-Factor I believe (not that anyone watches it these days) was from Saatchi & Saatchi for Everything Everywhere’s new 4G spectrum, allegedly faster and better than anything else in the UK. Actually I’m pretty sceptical about ‘superfast broadband’ too, it tends to mean broadband that more or less works, slowly in the UK.

With these big launches it’s important, as we say, not to drop the ball (NDB). Only then can you think about surging over the tryline.

So Saatchi has signed a big cheese (as agencies do on these occasions), Hollywood ‘A-Lister’ Kevin Bacon. We know he’s an A-Lister because he rather immodestly tells us so, to make a point about 4G putting us at the ‘centre of the universe’ but it still jars.

Anway Kev, who’s not exactly Tom Cruise, goes on to say that we’re all connected by four easy steps (which is quite clever) including his links to long-forgotten Northern Irish comedian Frank Carson and Coronation Street’s Ken Barlow (not names you’d expect to trip off the Bacon tongue but that’s presumably intentional too).

So does this pass the NDB test? Guess so, it tells you what EE’s 4G is and that there are lots of new shops where you can buy it.

Is it a resounding triumph? Not yet, depends how much more Bacon we get. If the budget only runs to one Bacon then he’s probably not quite A-List enough.

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