Conor Dignam MBO buys Emap media titles

Top Right Group, formerly Emap, has sold its three main media titles to Media Business Insight, a management buyout headed by former Broadcast editor Conor Dignam. The three are Broadcast, Screen (film) and Shots (commercials).

We don’t know how much Conor paid for them but I bet it’s not as much as Emap has lost.

Back in the day Emap bought a monthly magazine called Commercials from (among others) me and proceeded to make a right mess of it. Commercials was rolled in to a division called (rather inappropriately) Emap Vision.

Vision consisted of about half a dozen monthlies and Television Week, a start-up aimed at Broadcast (then owned by someone else). In the first year I was at Emap Television Week lost an eye-watering £7m, which rather outweighed any contribution the monthlies made. Television Week was folded into Broadcast, which cost rather more than £7m when Emap finally got its mitts on it.

Emap also had its eyes on Screen (then owned by someone else) which made buckets of money, nearly all of it from a number of issues around the Cannes Film Festival.

Such days seem to be long gone. But Dignam (left) has been running these titles for the last three years so presumably he knows what he’s letting himself in for.

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