Campaigns & Grey dismembers ‘zombie voters’ in Philippines election campaign

It’s election day in the US of course, the end of a protracted campaign which has seen $2.8bn spent on ads with nary a decent one but never mind.

And in a tight race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney it’s quite possible that we’ll see a re-run of the Bush-Gore stand-off which all came down to Florida’s mysterious and decisive ‘hanging chads’ and allegations of vote-fixing.

In the Philippines they’re preparing already for the 2013 mid-term elections and Campaigns & Grey’s Campaign Social Response unit has teamed with senator Koko Pimentel to produce this lively campaign to encourage voter registration – by warning of ‘zombie voters’ who use the names of dead people to try to fix elections.

It’s a better ad than any we’ve noticed from the Democrats or Republicans.

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