Brother serenades changing times with old printers

It’s funny how the same themes for different ads pop up at the same time: we’ve just had BETC’s baby orchestra for Cow & Gate from BETC and now Grey London had assembled a (bits of old) printer orchestra to play The Times They Are A Changin’ for Brother’s new Print 3.0, does-it-all-in-one-and-pours-you-a-cocktail product.

Grey London creative director Nick Rowland says: “Take a hundred old office machines. Turn them into musical instruments with the liberal use of a soldering iron. Get them to play a classic Bob Dylan tune. Sounds simple? Yeah, right. But what better way to usher in the new generation of Brother printers than with a distinctly 21st century homage to the machines and music of the past.”

The creatives were Sam Haynes and Lee Trott and it was directed by Chris Cairns for Partizan.

The old Dylan tune isn’t as catchy as Dexy’s C’mom Eileen in the Cow & Gate opus but it gets there in the end.

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