Boots ditches its trusty girls for the feelgood factor

Boots and agency Mother have put their perky girls (as in ‘Here Come the Girls’) out to grass (they’re a bit matronly by now) and replaced them with a new Christmas campaign which is…what?

A nice warm feeling and not much else, if the truth be told.

Apparently Boots wants to all appeal to all the family and not just the lionesses from the finance department, as my colleague Paul Simons memorably put it. But do we blokes want a prezzie from Boots?

As with anything by Mother there’s formidable skill in the execution (we even have Elton John singing one of his own songs as opposed to someone else) but, somewhere along the line, I can imagine a meeting like this:

Agency: What what do you bloody well want?

Boots: You know, Christmas is about gifts, say our gifts are the best, for everyone.

Agency: Why are they?

Boots: Well, I don’t know, they don’t cost very much. That’s it! They’re the best gifts for giving.

Or maybe the roles were reversed.

So we end up with ‘The gifts that keep on giving’ (let’s be charitable and assume that this means they last longer and are more useful than those from some other stores) and “Let’s feel good,’ which is pretty pathetic by any standards.

Bring back the girls!

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