BETC London builds on Cow & Gate ‘feed their personalities’ campaign

After the pyrotechnics of its ‘baby orchestra’ ad Cow & Gate and agency BETC London have come down to earth with this workaday ad for Growing Up Milk, suggesting it as an alternative to all the other things the greedy little darlings put in their mouths.

But it suggests that ‘feed their personalities’ might indeed turn into a campaign, thereby allaying the fears of my colleague Giles Keeble.

BETC has also come up with some print work showing the farmers who produce the stuff that goes into C&G baby food. Everybody does this these days, to try to persuade you that their own miserable country-dweller surrounded by brussels sprouts is intent on improving your quality of life (as opposed to selling his produce at subsistence rates to a grasping supermarket chain).

But BETC has gone for a 1930s-style faux-heroic approach, presenting produce (carrots in this instance) as babies.

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