O2 misses the posts with Chris Robshaw VCCP ad

Oh dear, ads with sportsmen in them do so tend to backfire.

This effort is from O2 and VCCP, dishing out 1,000 ‘priority tickets’ to customers for the England All Blacks game on Saturday.

And, not unreasonably, it features England captain Chris Robshaw (in weird slow motion) looking all tough with a black eye, genuine one supposes rather than created by the make-up department.

But Robshaw, of course, is in the doghouse after a series of disastrous ditherings over penalties in the first two matches of England’s autumn series.

And his team will probably get another stuffing from New Zealand at the weekend to add to his woes. Takes more than a black eye to frighten the Kiwis Chris..

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One comment

  1. Um, wrong!

    It’s still not a great ad but England were pretty great.