Victors & Spoils duo run off – with Havas spoils

And then there was one.

Back in April Havas bought Boulder, Colorado crowd-sourcing agency Victors & Spoils in what looked to some like an audacious bet on the future, to others complete madness.

Co-founder Claudia Batten was off to set up her own thing almost as soon as the ink was dry and now another of the three co-founders, Evan Fry (right) is off to rejoin his old agency Crispin Porter+Bogusky as ‘executive director of creative development.’ At least he won’t have to travel far (CP+B is also in Boulder). Which leaves only John Winsor, another CP+B alumnus, of the three co-founders.

Was this quite what Havas CEO David Jones intended when he splashed out owner Vincent Bollore’s money for V&S?

The news of the latest V&S departure may bring a wry smile to the face of WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell. Sorrell is famed for the tightness of the handcuffs he attaches to both his own staff and the sellers of the companies he buys. Will Fry, and indeed Batten, be consigned to long periods of WPP-style gardening leave? Doesn’t sound like it.

Batten, who handled new business, is quite an entrepreneur. In 2006 Microsoft forked out $400m to buy gaming ad network Massive where she was a co-founder.

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    As continuing proof that the French are truly “dang.” (A fact we have known since Waterloo, Trafalgar, etc…) As I pointed out on AdScam, Davy Jones dipping in to the Havas Locker to buy a “crowdsourcing” agency demonstrated total ignorance of the realities of the ad biz. If he worked for WPP, the “Poisoned Dwarf” would have had him taken behind the bicycle shed and flogged to death. Obviously Evan Fry’s reason for leaving the Frat/Fart boys at CP+B to… “Be Fucking Awesome,” at V&W, didn’t pan out. Why am I not surprised? More gnarly shit on AdScam!