Tories revisit Thatcher glory days with new conference season anti-Labour poster

Most of us are aware of the famous ‘Labour Isn’t Working’ poster by Saatchi & Saatchi for the Conservative Party in 1979, even if not many people saw it (I think they only made one).

Client and agency shot themselves in the foot too by using members of Enfield Young Conservatives for the poster, not the massed ranks of the unemployed it purported to depict. But Labour’s pugnacious chancellor Denis Healey played into the Saatchi brothers’ hands by making a fuss about it and, hey presto, it won the forthcoming election for Mrs T (according to rather misleading common wisdom anyway).

Now, to welcome delegates to the Labour Party conference in Manchester, M&C Saatchi (still home to Thatcher devotee Maurice Saatchi) has produced a spin on this which has been plastered on a van to be driven around the city. Actually it’s not bad.

Things have changed since 1979 though (Labour’s in opposition for a start). But one thing that hasn’t is Maurice’s cavalier attitude to facts when it comes to politics (and he’s an London School of Economics graduate too). Along the bottom it says that Labour plans to increase the UK’s debt by £3,200 per person. Which is complete cobblers, as Labour has been trying to point out all week.

But never let the facts get in the way of a good story,

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