These are the ‘ads worth spreading’ that US consumers like the most according to TED research

TED is a non-profit organisation devoted to ‘ideas worth spreading’ and recently it’s started to choose a list of ‘ads worth spreading’ in the worlds of technology, entertainment and design. All the ads are here.

The idea is to promote ads which engage consumers rather than batter them into submission, “the ads you choose to watch and share,” according to TED curator Chris Anderson. “We want to reward companies that have invested in longer-form, beautifully crafted campaigns that value human attention and intelligence, and take the time to tell a thought-provoking story.”

The winners were tested on a panel of US consumers by Ace Metrix and ranked according to a number of criteria including persuasion, watchability and ’emotional sentiment.’

It’a an interesting list with some very good ads. Rather surprisingly here’s an entry from L’Oreal, not usually known for its contribution to the finer things in advertising. It’s actually a film featuring the rather remarkable American athlete Aimee Mullins with bits of her L’Oreal ads in it. From R/GA New York.

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