Right wing commentator Glenn Beck challenges Levi’s with 1791 jeans launch

Ever controversial right wing Tea Party supporting US radio host Glenn Beck has his own online clothing range called 1791 (the post-independence year when Vermont was admitted to the Union and Washington DC was officially founded). 1791 was best known for its range of rabid T-shirts spouting Beck-isms but now it’s launched 1791 jeans.

Apparently Beck was so distressed by a strand of the Levi’s ‘Go Forth’ campaign that seemed (to some) to endorse riots on the streets that he threw away his red tabs in disgust (the campaign was pulled in the UK following the London riots of 2011).

Anyway, Glenn has persuaded someone or other to make a commercial for him and it isn’t bad.

A patently false claim of course but the rocket is fun.

One of the YouTube commentators wonders when the elasticated waistline version is coming out.

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  1. Glenn Beck is, in my opinion, a nutter but, because I’m way right of Stephen F. I like the idea of a right-wing yanker selling something that is really made in the USA. Unlike Apple.